These guys their “safe space”..

All the GG & FA scenes are at the

Old Johnson and Johnson Factory.  JD/GIO, Pauly Harker and David Brian Horther are there.

 They’re specifically in 6B. 

They shoot mainly at late hours. Ernie Rosie, who drives a green mini cooper. Allegedly he is know to drug female talents sometimes for Donal Vollenweider’s company, and take advantage of the females when they stay in the motel.

More info soon about a Chad Grayson/Alex Rosse who is a recruiter for black girls mainly for Ernie Rosie, and Rita Ruiz of society 15 who recruit for these abuse sites. Black Rose talent agency went down after mutiple rape.

Fun fact about the “male talents”: they they’re fed viagra for some shoots. Pauly Harker is the only phsyically healthy person on set.

And just to put things on a repeat, especially for mr bootleg/david brian horter, in his own words: “i have a past that haunts me to this day, and continue to do so. but i changed my life and have a close family & job in PA to support me”. He is reported to be on narcotics again, given up his  religious believes, and back to the abuse sites of Donald/Dukeskywalker.


David Brian Horter’s idea of “porn”



NSFW, 18+ only! warning , do not click if you are underage, content might be shocking:

Notice in the “harlem struggle” the girl desperatly wants to “tap out” but they can’t because they’re literally suffocated and choked.

Paul J. Fishman, U.S. Attorney of the District of New Jersey should have a look at this.

Does this look consent or “scripted”?


Jimmy (back-then-director) has no family, just a g/f.

David Brian Horter his psychopathic remarks are just sad. He is currently on social media handling countless fake accounts, and needs mental help.

GG – the racism in porn industry & how people perceive it.

A disturbing video of a black girl with a noose around her neck, being hung by several white men -allegedly members of KKK- has caused more than a riot on social media of which the video has been uploaded. It’s most likely fake, but why would a black woman participate in this?
She resembles a pornstar & many people refer on social media to “GG”, a site ran by Donald Emil Vollenweider. It just shows how people perceive his websites. Ofcourse that company is not behind it, but the fact that many people bring up Vollenweider’s company already says a lot how his videos are like. F.e. in some scenes they use racial slurs, and a noose is hung around the neck of black females. They also smash water melons on their heads, make them eat fried chicken and basically make fun of them being black and poor.

This video, which went viral could be next level promo for David Brian Horter & co, ironically. Those guys know negative promotion is good promotion – people are on that site not for porn but for shock content. True , they attract  an audience of black people , but the main bunch are misogynists & racists.

And Duke keeps on making the good old “it’s a boxing match, the girls agree to do it” arguement. At the bottom of this post you can see how “consent” he lays down information to girls what is going to happen once they start shooting a scene. They clearly had no idea the guys do whatever they want, and not what the girl signed up for.

More info on the weird KKK video:

Duke Skywalker denies he’s a racist yets constantly uses the word “n*gger”, and describes at times his videos as “white power” when a black girl is in the video.
Here’s a a compilation how “scripted” and consent some of the scenes are from Duke Skywalker’s “company” (take note, efukt & Duke are buddies) :

It’s like car crash TV, Khan Tusion without being scared of the law. Khan Tusion made sure to blur out his face, but these guys are all known by their real name and info. And frankly, it’s worse than Khan Tusion his stuff (who ran similar porn, causing girls to breakdown and cry). Good luck to their lawyer before this is seen as abuse, rape on camera and the guys involved will face legal action. We’re curious if Donald Vollenweider, aka Duke, will still runs his mouth wherever he can online (yet in real life, hides what he does from neighbors and some acquaintances). Big mouth, lots of computer skills and such, but what do you expect from a Trump supporter? It seems like he downs his last few morals with xanax & booze.

Khan Tusion was also quite racist and rightwing, similar minds think alike it seems. Similar minds end up at the same kind of places. Khan Tusion is serving jail time currently.

Pauly Harker returned to what he called “the most embarassing site, and period in my life ever”. Second time. Third time’s a charm?

Pauly Harker didn’t figure out how to make a living, so he returned to a site he finds himself depressing. Note that he acts not always consent; or respectful when he is “performing what is scripted”. In some scenes girls ask him to stop but he continues and loves to see girls cry and have a breakdown. Congrats, in all its irony,  Paul Kryscuk! Life is going well for you, it seems.

Let’s celebrate with two pictures of this douchebag in true “facialabused” style (take note, this guy is only 30 years old, not 45 as you’ld think). You can always reach him at


Satin Sheets by douchebag Ernie Rosie: MODELS: DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN/”company”

He’s a liar, incredible rude and a controlfreak in real life. Gets some models drugged up. Has sex with them afterward. He treats you like sh*t the moment he sees you. He is the one who takes the girls to and from their hotels sometimes.  He gets a fee from Duke Skywalker for every firsttimer he gets through sites as modelmayhem, craigslist,, etc. He even goes as far as checking your phone on set; and not allowing anyone else but the “model” to be on set (in case a bf loses his temper f.e. & wants to beat up Jimmy or Brian Horter, one can guess)

His ridiculous company’s name and the way he advertises makes girls believe it will be a normal porn shoot, while he only works for Duke Skywalker’s abusive sites. Do not get in touch with this guy if you want your life to be ruined. His first contract already fishes for traumatic experiences ; and asks you to lay them out so the guys at the “studio” (read “wharehouse”) can have “fun” with that.
Also his contract states you have to agree that “intentional” or “not intentional” bruises have to be accepted. Consensual?

Remember they used to work with Chico Wang (AFTER he had done jailtime for rape – these guys think rape is ok and to work with convicted rapists is fine). They couldn’t use him for the site to look for girls anymore after he abused & killed his girlfriend and killed himself.

Satin “puke all over the” Sheets Productions

Ernie “the Scout for abuse” Rosie
360 Glenwood Avenue East Orange 07017 New Jersey
T. (201) 912 4204or: 917-463-3778.


Their “studio” is a crappy renovated couple of rooms in the old Johnson and Johnson Factory, number 6B.

David Brian Horter has no soul. Abuse is not porn.

Warning, this video might shock you.

18+ only; nsfw

This is Duke Skywalker (Donald Emil Vollenweirder)’s main guy “mr bootleg” (real name David Brian Horter) in action.

He has a daughter and granddaughter , but he lacks any empathy or soul, a psychopath on narcotics to think how he’d feel if they’d end up on the couch of the sites of Duke Skywalker.

Horter shouldn’t be allowed to be around women. Legal action will show justice some day. It’s a matter of time until Paul J. Fishman,  who is in charge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, will have a look at this site and the people behind it.


Donald Emil Vollenweider (Duke Skywalker); abuser in action.



Sad but this is the most not harmful pic we could find of the guy -a younger Danny Devito- in action. He’s 44 now, aged, and even more extreme progressing from porn to pure abuse / shockcontent. Recent videos show waterboarding. WTF has this to do with porn anymore?


When will he face jailtime?

And while we’re at it this is “mr bootleg” aka David Brian Horter’s contact info:

Racism is not p*rn. Sam Cox, the new meatpuppet exposed.

Have a look at this and ask yourself why Duke “Donny” Skywalker always keeps on saying “he is not racist”. Things like this you see here aren’t a suprise coming from an extreme right wing Trump supporter. KKK, white flour, the girls getting shouted at “n*gger”. This is as worse as the site “naziniggers” which luckily went down due to legal reasons combined with embarassement of the guys running it.

Now, you might wonder who does this besides David Brian Horter (mr Bootleg, the guy one can wonders how a human being like him can  have a girlfriend).


The second guy, as seen on the picture left below, the guy with the watch, is nicked “Sam Cox” (real name + info soon). Nice try hiding his face on cam,pix up next!


First two pictures of what a winner / twitter warrior Duke Donny Skywalker looks like in real life:

duke skywalker

Yeah bro, you truly look cool & are winning in life:

duke skywalker

‘”Jay D” is “Gino”. A guy Duke Skywalker hates. Bootleg returns. After all this is Face “prozac” fucking “porn”.

UPDATE: Jay  D is Gino. Why the change of name, and why he has to wear black clothes? Because the members didn’t like him, neither did Duke. He has been told to keep his mouth shut now, and wear a black shirt and just be a meat puppet.

Here’s some pix of an old meat puppet from Skywalker since most guys are flakey and realise this shit will be fed to the government someday, just like Max Hardcore did rape on video and called it porn.
“Bootleg” returned, being addicted again and skipped his NA meeting (next up pix of his daughter and granddaughter he abandoned to do this miserable “work” after some “soulsearching” – their faces will be blurrred because they can’t help “Mr Bootleg” aka David Brian Horter is a terrible human being).

He has a girlfriend now, one can wonders how a human being like him can be with a girl while he commites crimes on camera for a living. Does she realizes one day sh*t will hit the fan and this guy will be in jail. For a short example of the guy in action, google “the harlem struggle” video. There are worse things he did.

Harker has been reported to had a breakdown after a recent set, once again. No sh*t, sherlock. He provided probably over 100 girls in his “carreer” a breakdown so it’s normal boomerangs hit you back in the face once in a time. The fun part is in one video he actually makes fun of a waitress/hospital worker, who literally starts shaking and crying (all “scripted”, right?), yet Pauly Harker (real name: Paul Kryscuk) enjoyed the tears and slapped her around until you wondered an ambulance had to be called since she was completly out of it. It’s not clear Pauly is still together with “sex worker friendly” Dollie Darko who works for Burning Angel, more info soon on that. More info soon on Paul Kryscuk (google the mugshots!), who once told Skywalker’s sites are the worst , degrading thing he ever did. Imagine what the girls went and still go through. Legal action will be taken soon, hopefully Pauly Harker gets some jailtime too next too Donny.

You don’t think this site is porn? Watch closely as newbies do handsigns to stop, and they continue or the camera gets turned off. Read the few stories of people who came out with horror stories. And wonder why firsttimers are never heard of again, because they’re traumatised by the porn they expected to be rough but consent. They don’t have a voice, and some of them are out of their mind/ drugged on the set.

Anyway Gino aka Jay D wants or has stay anonymous now, and cover up his crappy tattoos by a black shirt nowadays. See a more recent post for visual proof they are both the same person.

Here’s images of an other guy in the older days, anyone knows why this is?

Either way, any information about how Duke toys around with pissed off members is appreciated, everything is welcome to bring down his sites.


Pictures of Duke “Donny” Skywalker the midget, a dumb extreme-rightwing guy and Trump supporter, coming up soon (normally we wouldn’t make fun how people look like, but this guy makes a living doing that all the time , so .. whatever) and more inside information how new girls are told to keep their mouth shut of mishaps (blood & breakdowns) by Duke & Ernie, and disappear from the porn industry after having being lied to participate to this this crappy , rapy, abusing site thinking it’s just rough porn. Jimmy the Hooligan: “facial assaulted” very soon with indepth information. The face, the full name, the legend behind the camera who lacks empathy and just is a piece of trash.


Behold the king of the worst “porn” sites out there, Duke Skywalker (real name: Donald Vollenweider), being proud of… I don’t know. Two girls licking the smalles penis ever (censored by coloring the snail in black).


He is know to clutter forums with fake nicks, so it seems plausible this xanax addict even has two twitter accounts (or 5 , who knows how cray this dude is). Next up, pix of Duke being TINY af & some  random screenshots he figured to blur his face out.